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With its large student population and high rental yields, Nottingham is a great place to let your property as a shared house or HMO (house in multiple occupancy). If you are considering changing your Nottingham property into an HMO or investing in one, we can help.

The vast majority of HMOs under our management are let within one week. En-suite bedrooms are especially popular among young professionals and students. We beat our own record last month where we let out 6 en-suite bedrooms in Nottingham within a matter of 4 days!

Trusted Experts in HMO Management in Nottingham

If you are considering changing your Nottingham property into an HMO or investing in one, we can help. We will take care of all aspects of your HMO, from applying for the licence and organising upgrades and refurbishments to signing up high-quality tenants and managing your property. We also handle all the regulatory and legal requirements.


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A property is a house in multiple occupation (HMO) if both of the following apply:

  • at least 3 tenants live there, forming more than 1 household
  • you share toilet, bathroom or kitchen facilities with other tenants

The world of HMOs is a slightly more complicated affair regarding licensing and rules and regulations to follow.

Our HMO agent services are built for busy landlords and property investors in Nottingham that seek high-return and hassle-free management on their HMO properties.

When it comes to shared houses and HMOs in Nottingham, we provide an excellent solution for both tenants and landlords. Our complete property management service provides landlords with stress-free fixed monthly income, turning your Nottingham HMO into a completely passive income asset.

We also take full responsibility and cost of all maintenance issues, voids, and tenanting, reducing stress and increasing profit for landlords. All large HMOs require a mandatory licence. From building assessment and alteration works for HMO compliance through to the ongoing monthly management of your HMO, iHome Plus has every aspect covered.

If you’d like to know more about our HMO lettings services in Nottingham, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly expert team of HMO letting agents and shared property managers today.

iHome Plus is known as the specialist and the trusted expert in HMO management. Our most popular Full Management service is built for busy landlords and property investors who seek high-return and hassle-free management on their HMO properties. Managing HMOs requires both technical expertise and diplomacy. As HMO landlords ourselves, we know what we are doing, and this is what we do best!

  • High occupancy rate
  • Low maintenance cost
  • 100% compliance with changing regulations
  • Look After Your Property & Tenants
  • Maximise Your Rental Profit
  • Achieve The Highest Investment Return for you
  • Dedicated Landlord Mobile App for you
  • We are technology driven
  • Offer Highest Professional Standards
  • Deliver Hassle-free Services to You

We are based in Nottingham city centre, and we cover Nottingham and its surrounding areas.

Here are some areas we cover to give you a rough idea: Nottingham city centre, The Park Estate, Beeston, West Bridgford, Chiwell, Mapperley, Sherwood, Ilkeston, Derby, Newark, Gedling, Lenton, Arnold, Long Eaton, Edwalton, Basford, the Meadows, Bulwell, Clifton, Stapleford and so many more.



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We have helped countless private landlords and property investors grow their portfolios in Nottingham and manage their rental properties. Here are a few case studies we’ve put together.

Pelham House

6-bed HMO – Full Letting & Management Package

When we took over the management of this property from the landlord’s previous letting agent, it had only 60% – 70% occupancy rate. The landlord sounded pretty stressed out understandably.

As soon as we were in charge, we immediately kicked off our marketing programs and within two weeks all rooms were taken and since then the occupancy rate has stayed at a record 100% consistently.

This property is now achieving a monthly rent of £450 on average per room with 100% occupancy rate. There are 6 bedrooms so a whopping £2,700 gross rental income per month.

And perhaps more importantly, we take care of the tenants, too by responding to maintenance requests swiftly and ensuring a harmonious environment for our lovely tenants.

For example, the previous letting agent had not bothered to order enough bins or explain to tenants how to look after the bins so they were overflowing which had led to complaints from tenants as well as residents in the community. We quickly put in place a waste management plan and resolved the issues for good.

We strongly believe that when you look after your tenants, your tenants will in turn look after your properties.

We now have a stress-free landlord and 6 happy young professional tenants sharing a beautiful house. Win-win!

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